Why Hire Me?

I have always loved design.

Even when I didn’t know that I was loving it. From a very young age I fretted about placement: the tiny rolled-up balls of paper that created the colorful fish in 1st grade, the clay pot in 9th grade on which I painted tiny designs for 3 months, and the handmade Christmas ornaments with the glitter placed just so.

Love of design aside, here’s the real reason why you should hire me: I have an innate curiosity about the world and how things work. When I’m involved with your project I can’t help but be inquisitive about your business and the environment surrounding it. I research your industry and appropriately challenge the information you bring me in order to best present your product to your customers.

I’m hard-working, thorough, and funny. We’ll have a great time working together. Let’s talk.

PS. If you still need to review my resume, I’ll understand. You can also find me on LinkedIn.